Journey Children's & Youth Ministries


ages 3-11


Journey Kids is the Children’s Ministry of JOFUMC. This ministry provides a safe, fun and engaging environment to support budding faith and marks the beginning of early Christian faith formation.

Journey Kids is comprised of two tribes, designed to accommodate the youngest of our disciples! Journey Kids are both growing in faith formation and becoming more involved in the practice of discipleship.

The Pioneers – Pre-K to 2nd Grade – (Ages 3-8)
The Adventurers – 3 rd to 5th Grade – (Ages 8-11)
Each group meets weekly during Sunday morning service.

Using the Deep Blue Learn & Serve curriculum, our Journey Kids have adventures, hear exciting bible stories and learn how to live as disciples of Jesus through service – just like Jesus taught! Each week they travel the world to learn about God and what God is doing all over His creation!


ages 12-18

Trailblazer Youth is the Youth Ministry of JOFUMC. This ministry is designed to help our youth discover their true identity, value and worth as God’s children and to empower them to reach their potential as faithful followers of Jesus Christ!

Trailblazer Youth Ministry seeks to guide our youth into adulthood equipped with the armor of God so that they will remain connected with God and empowered by his Word throughout their faith journey!

The Conquerors – 6 th to 12 th Grade – (Ages 12-18)
This group meets on 2nd and 4th Sundays during morning service.

Through our Confirm confirmation curriculum and our Sunday small group during worship, our youth connect with God, with other youth believers and engage in creative, thought-provoking activities that reinforce and promote the importance of community on the journey of faith development.

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