Journey Jewels

Women's Ministry

Journey Jewels is the Women’s Ministry here at Journey of Faith. Our mission is to promote Unity through Sisterhood, and to nurture Spirit led relationships the embody the Love of Christ. It is comprised of 5 female Groups that we categorized as the "5 Gems”.

  • “The Diamonds” - Ages 9-12 yrs
  • “The Rubies” - Ages 13-18 yrs
  • “The Emeralds” - Ages 19-34 yrs
  • “The Sapphires” - Ages 35-50 yrs
  • “The Pearls” - Ages 51+

Times and meeting places will vary. Yet, some of the exciting activities will include:

Small group sessions that will transform lives and remove strongholds (i.e., abuse, holiness, purpose, singleness, parenting, teen bullying, peer pressure). Outreach opportunities to make disciples in ordinary places such as the home, shelters, the community, and workplace. Fellowship opportunities such as etiquette classes, cruises, parties, and teas. Educational seminars to enhance daily living such as safety, health, wealth, and networking opportunities. As we fellowship as individual “Gems” and collectively as a community, we foster to re"LEASE" through Love, Engagement, Affirmation, Strengthen, and Empowerment.


United Methodist Women©

The UMW is the ONLY official organization for women within the United Methodist Church. We are an inclusive group of women who love God and demonstrate this love through mission. Its members advocate on behalf of women, youth and children through acts of empowering, educating, leading and nurturing. We do this by partnering with a local women shelter sending gift cards and packages to our college and military youth who are away from home. We also send cards and gifts to women who are home-bound so they will know they are loved and not alone. We are connected globally through the United Methodist Church and send health kits and monetary gifts, throughout the year, to further mission projects throughout the United States and other countries. Each year, we host a social action project such as decreasing domestic violence, human trafficking and health issues affecting women. This year, we will host a "Will Party" to educate women about the importance of a will. United Methodist Women help the church by being the part of the body that puts faith and love in action by concentrating on those things that help women, youth and children. 

Any woman can join the UMW by contacting any United Methodist Woman, expressing a desire to become a member and completing a pledge card. There are no age limitations. The only requirement to join is that you are willing to be committed to helping women, youth and children, through mission, study, personal growth and social action.