At Journey of Faith United Methodist Church, we have become the constituents of the sacrifices of valiant men, women, youth and children who have paved the way as God’s anointed forerunners to us, and with great honor and respect we tip our hats in gratitude to them for laying the progressive foundation. Their fortitude is the epitome of:

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
— Hebrews 11:1, (NRSV)

Journey of Faith originated as a result of a merger between a few local United Methodist Churches including: Love, Mount Corinth, and Day Break, on November 24, 2013, under the joint leadership of Rev. Dr. Vincent Harris and Rev. Leroy Elder.  We moved to our current campus in 2016, where we continue to worship and grow as one church.

Since 2017, the pastoral lineage of JOF has transitioned to the leadership of Pastor Stephen Goldsmith. Pastor Stephen is a great man of God who preaches a spirit-filled message of faith, hope, and love while demonstrating transformational leadership for the purpose of making accountable disciples of Jesus Christ who will go forth and make more accountable disciples.   

According to Pastor Stephen, “God has brought us together, as one, so that we would be a progressive church, like Mt. Corinth, elevated by the wealth of Jesus Christ’s life-changing Love as our community and the world witnesses the Day Breaking transformational power of God through Journey of Faith.