Part-Time Office Manager, Journey of Faith UMC

Office Manager

Job Summary:

The Office Manager will serve in a utilitarian capacity, working with all church personnel, leadership teams, volunteers and members of the congregation. While responsibilities in one specific ministry area may be identified, the nature of this position is one of versatility and flexibility, requiring evidence of effectiveness across many areas. This position requires a high capacity for relationship building as well as a demonstrated and proven track record in office management, organization, and volunteer mobilization. In addition, this person will participate in traditional administrative responsibilities including, but not limited to coordination, scheduling, and mass communication.   


Journey of Faith United Methodist Church is a growing 250+ member church community in Humble, Tx, that originated as a result of a merger between a few local United Methodist Churches including: Love, Mount Corinth, Radiant, and Day Break, on November 24, 2013.  We are the constituents of the sacrifices of valiant men, women, youth and children who have paved the way as God’s anointed forerunners to us, and with great honor and respect we tip our hats in gratitude to them for laying the progressive foundation.


Work Schedule:

15-19.5 Hours per Week (M-Th)


The ideal candidate will exhibit the following:

  • Leadership

  • Administration

  • Technology

  • Communication

  • Professional and Personal Growth


The ideal candidate will:

  • Live in a manner that represents a positive Christian role model

  • Embrace Journey of Faith’s Core Values  

  • Adhere to Journey of Faith’s “Staff policy” (expected behaviors)

  • Adhere to Journey of Faith’s “Staff Responsibilities” (core responsibilities)

  • Support a Wesleyan theological perspective

  • Embody Grace and compassion to all who need it

  • Demonstrate trustworthiness in stewarding of resources


The Journey of Faith Culture has been shaped by the faithful service of lay leaders, clergy, staff and laity. The following characteristics will be necessary in staff leadership:

  • Adaptive:  able to adjust and modify as circumstances and situations change

  • Commitment:  able to fully dedicate yourself to our Lord; to one another; to the mission and vision

  • Effective:  able to do what you say you can do

  • Excellence:  able to strive for excellence in all that you do

  • Innovative:  able to stretch the bounds of traditional Church thought on structure, concepts, and strategies

  • Player/Coach:  able to serve in dual role as coach within unique area of responsibility while also recognizing role of a player within the larger team of Executive Team and Journey of Faith staff

  • Resiliency:  able to bounce back from setbacks; Failure is an option, as long as it is not due to a lack of preparation and lessons are learned

  • Self-Starter:  able to operate independent of constant supervision and instruction

  • Serve:  able to demonstrate the humble posture of a servant

CORE Responsibilities

  1. CORRESPONDENCE: Respond to individuals needing written communication.  Compose letters when requested by the pastoral staff.  Send letters to all first-time visitors to the church.  Be sure all correspondence is mailed in a timely manner.

  2. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Operate, clean regularly, and recommend to the supervisor maintenance needs for all office equipment (i.e., copier, folding machine, typewriters, computer, etc.).  Additionally, ensure that administrative office space including receptionist desk is neatly organized.  

  3. PREPARATION OF BULLETIN:  Keep an up-to-date calendar of events, gather information, type bulletin information in designated format, spell-check, proofread, get pastoral approval, copy and fold weekly bulletins and place in designated area for greeters.

  4. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT TO PASTORAL STAFF: Help with correspondence, telephoning, and any other tasks that might be done to free the pastoral staff as much as possible to do more important duties.

  5. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE FILES: Keep all files in an orderly manner and prepare filing system directions for other users.  Maintain records of baptisms, dedications, weddings, membership and visitor attendance. (using church purchased and designated software only)

  6. Organize and maintain master church calendar of events, activities, meetings.

  7. SUPERVISION OF VOLUNTEER OFFICE HELP: The Office Manager will recruit, schedule, train, and perform work review of volunteers serving M-Th, Sa and/or Su.

  8. PREPARATION OF THE ANNUAL REPORT: Responsible for setting reasonable deadlines for acquiring reports from the committees, typing the information received, editing, formatting, proofreading, copying and assembling reports.

  9. PRINTED MATERIALS: As necessary, update any printed church materials/forms so that information is accurate and current.

  10. ASSIST WITH WEBSITE COMMUNICATIONS: Responsible for preparation, update and distribution of church information to the congregation via social media; website; e-mail and hardcopy.

  11. OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED: Perform other duties as assigned to promote and assist in the effectiveness and efficiency of the execution of duties in the Office Manager position.


Journey of Faith offers a part-time position and the particulars of compensation will be provided to the successful candidate upon satisfactory completion of criminal background checks.


Pastor Stephen Goldsmith
Journey of Faith UMC
130 Atascocita Rd.  |  Humble, TX 77396


June 21st

If you believe that you are a good fit for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to

Lori Neal