Considering A Visit?

We are so glad that you are considering visiting us here at Journey Of Faith, and we want you to enjoy your visit with us. As a community of believers rooted in God’s grace and love, we welcome and invite you to come and worship with us, and to feel free to participate in any of our faith life group fellowship opportunities.  

 It’s human nature that newcomers might be a bit nervous on their first visit – However, we're committed to trying to override that discomfort with love and fellowship.


How Do People Dress? 

Journey Of Faith is a casual church with a very diverse congregation.  Some worshipers may be dressed in jeans; some in sandals; and some in their Sunday’s best.  We believe it’s not necessary that we keep up with the latest fashion.  So, a basic guideline for dress:  a shirt/blouse; pants/bottoms; and comfortable shoes.



You can expect a Glorious time in the Lord! The best way to do this is to join us, and experience Christ-centered love. We invite you to plan a visit with us!

  • You will receive a warm greeting as you are led into the sanctuary to enjoy the worship experience.

  • High energy/spirit lead worship music

  • Prayer and Praise

  • Thought provoking and engaging bible teaching

  • Fun teaching for your children